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Montegrappa Writing Prize Workshop

Give yourself the best chance to be a winner in the Montegrappa Writing Prize 2019 with an exclusive workshop held by former Montegrappa prize winners Annabel Kantaria and Jessica Jarlvi.

This workshop has a limited number of places, so do sign up as soon as possible! Jessica and Annabel will share the secret of how they captured Luigi Bonomi’s attention and how to maximize your entry. Get pointers on writing your synopsis, polishing your submission and tips on how to avoid some of the common pitfalls for first-time writers.

They will also read your submissions and give individual feedback; Annabel or Jessica will look at your synopsis and first 1000 words; the deadline for sending those is 3 November 2018.

17 November 2018
World Trade Club
AED 200

Open exclusively to registered Montegrappa Writing Prize competition participants

And it’s not too late to register for the Montegrappa Writing Prize.

Annabel was the first winner of the competition and has gone on to achieve amazing success with four novels now in publication.

Jessica was a winner in 2016 and her second novel was published this year