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Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Somebody stop the clock! The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is only two weeks away and it is time to choose your favourite genre sessions.

Whether you’re a fan of thrillers, or more of an adventurer; an enthusiastic foodie or looking for the key to happiness, welcome to your most memorable Festival experience yet!

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Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Thriller Night: Yrsa Sigurðardóttir & Shari Lapena

Two authors famous for their mastery of suspense unite to talk about how bringing the scares closer to home keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Friday 2 March, 6pm-7pm

Linda Davies: Ark Storm

Would you bet on the apocalypse? In Linda Davies’ techno-thriller Ark Storm, a scientist researches deadly storms, while shadowy figures place bets on disasters and plot to weaponise the weather.

Friday 9 March, 4pm-5pm

Peter James: Need You Dead

Peter James introduces the biggest mystery yet for Detective Superintendent Roy Grace in Need You Dead, as a seemingly simple murder case becomes more sinister with every twist.

Saturday 10 March, 10am-11am

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Mark Vanhoenacker: A Journey with a Pilot

Author and pilot, Vanhoenacker, brings a boyish wonder back into flying; once you see it through his eyes, you’ll never look at planes the same way again.

Friday 2 March, 12pm-1pm

Levison Wood: Hitchhiking the Silk Road

Wood is a gripping speaker who has stories of adventures on five continents and whose busy schedule encompasses everything from filmmaking to saving elephants.

Saturday 10 March, 2pm-3pm

Adrian Hayes: K2 – The Tragedy and the Triumph Book Launch

In his latest book, record-breaking adventurer Adrian Hayes recounts his tragic failure and fortunate success in climbing the world’s notorious second highest mountain.

Saturday 10 March, 4pm-5pm

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Melissa Hemsley: Eat Happy

The Hemsley + Hemsley sisters are branching out into solo projects! Don’t miss this chance to hear from pioneer of healthy home cooking, Melissa Hemsley, on her all-new guide to quick meals: Eat Happy.

Friday 2 March, 10am-11am

The World on a Plate: Madhur Jaffrey, Claudia Roden, Mark Kurlansky

Does the food on our plate have its own story to tell? Our panel discusses the historical and cultural significance of national dishes, the forces that cause different cuisines to evolve, and the impact of globalisation on our tastes.

Saturday 3 March, 6pm-7pm

How to Eat Green: Melissa Hemsley, Mira Manek & Stephen Ritz

From low-carb meals to ‘low-carbon’ meals – how can we satisfy our appetites while still helping the planet? Find out how individuals, businesses and institutions can achieve a healthy relationship with food.

Saturday 3 March, 7.30pm-8.30pm

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Meik Wiking: The Little Book of Lyyke

Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, has been called ‘the Indiana Jones of smiles’ – and now he’s back to unlock the doors to happiness (or lyyke) for us all! 

Friday 2 March, 12pm-1pm

Spiritual Journeys: Eiman Al Zaabi & Karen Henson Jones

Two remarkable women share the lessons they learned from their investigations into the spiritual side of life in this inspiring and educational panel discussion.

Saturday 3 March, 6pm-7pm

Tony Hawks: Lessons from the Fridge

British comedian and author Tony explains his ‘fridge philosophy’, sharing his unique perspective on life, and why he believes happiness comes less from material things and more from helping others. 

Friday 9 March, 4pm-5pm 

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Floella Benjamin: Coming to England

Former PlaySchool presenter, Baroness Floella Benjamin, OBE, revisits her childhood memoir and the journey she made as a youngster from Trinidad to embark on a very different life with her family in England.

Friday 2 March, 2pm-3pm

Wonder Women: Nnedi Okorafor, Rhianna Pratchett, James Dashner

Whether relegated to love interest or stuck in the archetype of ‘strong female character’, women in science fiction and fantasy stories haven’t always benefitted from the fantastic worlds they inhabit.
Our panel discuss the women they write and where fantasy and real-world prejudices meet.

Saturday 3 March, 6pm-7pm

Beyond The Culture Trap: Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi, Shahd Al Shammari & Zeina Hashem Beck

How can women lead social progress, preserving the best in a culture while changing the worst? Exploring the ways in which tradition can preserve damaging ideas – about gender, disability, and more – the panel looks at the role literature can play in improving lives.

Saturday 10 March, 12pm-1pm

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
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Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Emirates Airline Festival of Literature